Introduction to Backsliderhome


This website is geared to blog encouragement in the form of poetry, prose, and short anecdotes; most of which will be from my personal journals or diaries. As an ex-backslider, I’m not here to judge you or to throw the Bible at you. I just want you to know that the grace of God is sufficient for each and every one who visits Backsliderhome.

In a world where it is so dark, we all need to know that someone or something is in control. Personally, I choose to believe that God the Creator is in control. I am a born-again Christian and my views are fully supported by the intelligence of the Holy Spirit. I pray that my writing s in whatever form it takes; uplift, build, and refresh one’s soul.

My personal philosophy over the years has been to take time to breathe deeply and absorb nature:- observe the squirrels, smell the flowers, listen to the music that the wind and trees create, and embrace God in all things.  I pray  everywhere, for everything, and for everyone. It is not my responsibility to give an increase, God does the increasing. However, it’s my responsibility to plant good seeds into good grounds- to encourage others to water, and hope that they in return help save souls.  I am  an ‘outside the box thinker’– my views are only my views, but God views automatically overrides my views. I am aware that God has amazing teachers out there, but their words do not go over God’s; therefore, I am very clear about His sovereignty.

This site is non-judgmental for Jesus reminds us that we should not judge, so if you choose to judge, remember it will be measured right back at you. Jesus already knew that the Father have already set forth the holy principles in motion that mankind (man & woman) should live by. So check out the guidelines in the Bible, it’s only natural or a knack of common sense that if we choose good, we will receive good;  we choose bad, we will receive bad…simple mathematics. Stay with the simple. The simplicity of the gospel is what throwing people off. We have ungodly people trying to apply God’s principles, and guess what, it is working for them…for faith belongs to all of mankind. God gave all men (male and female)- a measure of faith.

I am a work in progress, standing on the Master’s table as he forms me into what He sees fit.   Remember the story of Isaiah when he saw the awesomeness of God’s angels, he lamented: ‘I am undone; I am a man of  unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of people of unclean lips’…Isaiah 6:5 (KJV). Did that hinder him from obeying God eventually? No. He obeyed God, and is accounted as a great man and prophet of God.

Wake up, let no one, and I mean no one! Not even yourself, tell you that you cannot change, or come back home. He is waiting for us everyday, always anticipating our return, and YES, he does throw a party over one soul who surrenders to Jesus Christ!

(c) 2015 ♥jjf