Mathematics of Pain

What is your pain? Do not refrain from trusting that your pain can truly be used to help others. Share your pain in whatever creative way God have allowed you too. People need just one tangible or intangible touch. #SharingisCaring

Mathematics of Pain

Pain + pain=gain

Without any subtraction

I will have a mold so high

In which all my dreams could die

I simply cannot attempt to multiply

’cause the pain may seem greater than the sand of the seas

That would lead me to insanity…

On either side there is more to contain

So before you ask me to bracket the most relevant pain–

The one that shut my eyes; open my belly to the ground

Prepare a rectangular casket for all my bitter laments

Buckets to collect my tears;

No more shutting of the eyes

No more folding of the arms and walking away

Searching for a better day

Here is my pain; here is my gain.

By jjf (c) 2016

Reference for Image n.d.photograph, viewed June 8, 2016,<

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