Shelter From The Heat

Arbor - Latin, meaning 🌲
God Loves Trees Too

In September we experienced severe heatwaves which was abnormal and brutal. For three days on a stretch the sun bombarded us with recording heat, enough to scramble eggs. Some loved it, others hated it; others, didn’t mind or care.

As I walked on our neighborhood street, I was thankful for every tree that shaded me along my way. From the strong and humble Weeping Willow  to the common yet stable Marple, or Oak. I was prayful that our street is laden with so much variety and shade. For I know what it’s like to walk in the scourging sun, no trees in sight for a long time… drinking your last drop of water just hoping that there is shade ahead. #Unbearable.

Trees Beautiful Trees
#ArborDays #TreesMatter

As a non-active Early Childhood Educator, I am free to teach my 7 year old daughter about nature-especially the botany in our community. I have a facination with the landscapes and the natural foliages of a city. I have never planted a tree in Canada yet; however, I always try to have flowers  and a kitchen garden. I’m thankful for all the people who have great regards for the trees in their immediate neighborhood.  My hope is to participate on Canada’s Arbor Day by helping to plant trees. 


Happy Planting!

jjf (c) 2017

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