What if…

Just thinking

#CoVID-19  a.k.a. #Coronavirus

What if…

What if our golden internet altar crashes…

What if the embellishing good or bad that sets us up aim also at silencing the entire world…

What if a virus greater and more subtle than the coronavirus
Creeps in like fiery serpents and infect the most precious thing that’s keeping us together…

What if we are both physically and  ‘cybercally’ separated by forced isolation for a period of unbearable time…

What if our only altar of communication couldn’t understand our codes anymore…

What if there are no prophets and wise people to observe the time…

And then it hits hard…

Sudden disruption-
gone are all our invisible platforms of worship

What if my what ifs of thoughts are just foolishness only to confront the wisdom of soulish humans

What space are we creating?
Whose face are we seeking?
What voice are we listening to?

I am not sure,  but am trusting God to be in control of his creation.

(C) jjf 2020


Image by Getty images.com, retrieved March 17, 2020.

Author: JJ Faucher

In myself, nothing. In Jesus Christ, everything. By the power of the Holy Spirit, beyond measure! ♥jjf

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