Stop Hyperventilating!

I named this piece-Internal Explosion

Art by a 5 year-old


The earth’s is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein. Read Psalm 24

 Stop Hyperventilating!

By jjf

Yes! There is pure madness around us today.

Yes! You look around and all you see is sadness.

Yes! No one’s listening to truth anymore.

Yes! The government do not care about the poor.

Yes! You were left on Mr. and Mrs. Foster’s step.

Yes! You are still here.

You hope that someday the nightmare will end, that someone will spare

Their time to remove the frown glued in your forehead.

You hope that neither mother nor father is dead,

Yet they are no where to be found.

Yes, you are asking, “What’s wrong with us today?”

Yes, our children have gone astray.

While predators are injecting poison in their veins.

Yes, they are left to fend for themselves; somewhere in the deepest drains.


Yes, your neighbor slandered your name and shame wants to be your new fame.

Yes, there are unsure decisions;

Yes, another was chosen instead to hold your dream while you scream,

The end is near!

Terrorism is on the rise.

Yes!  You sigh, close your eyes, and wish all the bad away;

Your senses now numb to the voice of Faith-

While the doctors keep saying,

“Stop hyperventilating and

Rest your soul.”

Yes, the madness will remain long after you’re gone.

(C)07/2017 jjf