Covid-19: A Time to Reflect on Life.

The Sun

A blast of sunlight

The Sun

Reflections of the sun

For the Lord God is a sun…Psalms 84:11

For the sun shines on all: big and small; Its face spreads grace upon well sheltered homes and the homeless stretched out hands. The sun never discriminates by giving uneven portions. All of nature praises the sun; for without the sun we shall all surely die. O how it lavishes us with its glorious rays. Thank you, O God of the heavens, for putting such a magnificent star above our earth. ūüôĆjjf

Look up

What if…

Just thinking

#CoVID-19  a.k.a. #Coronavirus

What if…

What if our golden internet altar crashes…

What if the embellishing good or bad that sets us up aim also at silencing the entire world…

What if a virus greater and more subtle than the coronavirus
Creeps in like fiery serpents and infect the most precious thing that’s keeping us together…

What if we are both physically and¬† ‘cybercally’ separated by forced isolation for a period of unbearable time…

What if our only altar of communication couldn’t understand our codes anymore…

What if there are no prophets and wise people to observe the time…

And then it hits hard…

Sudden disruption-
gone are all our invisible platforms of worship

What if my what ifs of thoughts are just foolishness only to confront the wisdom of soulish humans

What space are we creating?
Whose face are we seeking?
What voice are we listening to?

I am not sure,  but am trusting God to be in control of his creation.

(C) jjf 2020


Image by Getty, retrieved March 17, 2020.

Five Roses

Roses in my Neighborhood

Five fresh roses growing  wild tucked away in the bushes of the hedge; 

Hidden from the eyes of their passers-by,  far from the chaos of the main street. 

Only those who walk the hidden and narrow path have moments to refresh from looking at them–caught by a pleasant surprise.


I was having a bad day, Nothing seemed to go as planned 

Nothing aligned itself on my way as I walked home deep in an unusual meditation with images of the impossibilities of what lie ahead.

I wept soundly:

I am among the lonely, the set-aside, hidden, only for few eyes to see; but, are they delighted that they have seen me?

Tears, tears, tears and more tears…

Taking deep breaths I allowed the Spirit to soothe my soul.

The roses in their perfection reminded me of God’s grace in my life.

P.s.Take time this season to smell the roses! jjf 2020

Stop Hyperventilating!

I named this piece-Internal Explosion

Art by a 5 year-old


The earth’s is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein. Read Psalm 24

 Stop Hyperventilating!

By jjf

Yes! There is pure madness around us today.

Yes! You look around and all you see is sadness.

Yes! No one’s listening to truth anymore.

Yes! The government do not care about the poor.

Yes! You were left on Mr. and Mrs. Foster’s step.

Yes! You are still here.

You hope that someday the nightmare will end, that someone will spare

Their time to remove the frown glued in your forehead.

You hope that neither mother nor father is dead,

Yet they are no where to be found.

Yes, you are asking, “What’s wrong with us today?”

Yes, our children have gone astray.

While predators are injecting poison in their veins.

Yes, they are left to fend for themselves; somewhere in the deepest drains.


Yes, your neighbor slandered your name and shame wants to be your new fame.

Yes, there are unsure decisions;

Yes, another was chosen instead to hold your dream while you scream,

The end is near!

Terrorism is on the rise.

Yes!  You sigh, close your eyes, and wish all the bad away;

Your senses now numb to the voice of Faith-

While the doctors keep saying,

“Stop hyperventilating and

Rest your soul.”

Yes, the madness will remain long after you’re gone.

(C)07/2017 jjf

Dear Canada


An Open Letter of Gratitude to Canada

Dear Canada:

It all begun when I was asked by my cousin to travel with her to Ottawa.¬†I had one week to prepare. Thank God that in 1992, you allowed the Islands of the British Common Wealth to come to your shores with only an approved passport. We didn‚Äôt have to travel to Barbados to obtain a visa for visiting relatives and friends who had already settled in your land.¬† Now that I am Canadian, I’ve met many people from various nations, including Canadians who have no clue where St.Lucia is on the map. Canada you‚Äôve granted me the privilege to apply dual history and¬† diverse culture.

I was fortunate to have landed on one of your most prestigious airports- Pearson International in Toronto.  After our passports were stamped with all kinds of important information, we made our way to the vast space to wait endlessly to be taken to Ottawa, your Capital.  As we waited for what seemed like forever, for the strangers whom we’ve never met before to pick us up from Toronto, I couldn’t help but observe while waiting that you had all kinds of strange people in your land: people whom I have never recognized or seen before in my homeland of St.Lucia. My eyes opened so wide that I had no time to take a nap or to sit still after our 5 hours plane ride. The energy of so many nations moving in all directions simply mesmerized me.

At 26 years old, you were my first virgin flight, I arrived on your  land  in the cold month of April. It seem ordained that I had to come to you for the other two and half decades of my life. The Creator had a greater plan for my life and for you O Canada; for you have taught me things that no other nation on earth could have taught me. You transformed me into a strong, mature, and confident Afro-Caribbean-Canadian woman. You chose to adopt me, engrafting me into your culture, your people, and your landscape.

It was not easy at the beginning, but you made it possible for me to see my way through the many languages,accents, dialects, which my ears had to get adjusted too. You‚Äôve allowed me to walk through your educational institutions without discrimination, and if it existed while I was there, I didn’t dwell there, for I knew that my new motherland was greater than the ideology of an oaf; her approach is that of dignity and the value placed on human lives.

Because of you I have made friends or met others along my way from various countries on earth. You showed me how to be kind by the way you show kindness to all who come to you  for refuge.  You are a harbour where the hurting and the dying come for refuge; and you give hope to  they that have dreams and want to soar.

In this great year 2017, as you celebrate 150 years of standing for peace, love and quality (equality); I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for creating policies with me in mind. For giving me the privilege to have access to social services, health care, and continuous education. I want to say thank you for providing for my two daughters whose navel cords are buried in your soil. Thank you for opening new doors for me. Thank you for being one of the best countries in the world.

Stay safe Canada, you are loved!

Sincerely yours,

New Citizen

jjf ©  2017

February- Time to Love

I love the month of February because I was born on the sixteenth. February- the love month ‚Äď giving and loving and sharing and forgiving; well, that‚Äôs what they say. The sweet repetition of the conjunction ‚Äėand‚Äô makes everything add up in the love month. Over the years, I wrote many short pieces about love: [‚Ķ]

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Warm Glow of Lights- A Walk in Winter

What was I thinking coming to live in this four seasons country which I have grown to love over the course of time. Canada has been my home for almost 24 years. I left a tropical island with only two seasons-sunny and rainy- for greater opportunities in icy freezing winter. (Not even Canadians born here have gotten use to the cold). We all have to tolerate its chilling tentacles with shape spikes!

I do not like shoveling snow. I do not like waiting for public transit when it is snowing or it has snowed. I hate walking in unplowed streets where the snow is almost my height -about 5 feet; and to make it worst, the city have a way of blocking you in with snow,  especially if you live on a side street leading into a main street. And do not talk about the wind; sometimes I do not know which is worst-the snow drifting in the blustering wind; or, that sneaky cold breeze that stings when you least expect it.

I do not like the wind trying to find a way to sneak under my many layers of clothing, making me feel under-dressed.¬† My friend told me years ago when I first came to Canada, that you cannot get rid of the cold no matter how much you’re padded up or bundled up; also, there is no fashion when it comes to winter. She said that it is okay to have two hats on your head, four extra layers of clothing on, and it’s better to stay warm than to be fashionable. Well, I will argue the latter with her, there is some fashion in winter.

On a positive note, I refuse the cold to keep me indoors. Too much ‘indoors’ will send me insane.¬† O yes, I have itchy feet, I must walk;¬†just have to go outside. The cold cannot keep me in, even on days when all I see is the vapor coming out of the mouths or nostrils of people; or, I get that nod from the neighbors with eyes peering through ninja style hats or scarves- I¬†feel you too. Me, I’m covered up too, the only parts of me that I might leave exposed for a quick¬† snapping of photos, are my right hand fingers. Seriously. I just realized that I do not text or make any calls while trying to stay warm on a blustery biting cold day or night.

Warm Glow of Lights is a  poem or thought on lines according to Catherine Cookson, that I wrote to a beat in my head; I sang and chanted it while walking to get my daughter from the babysitter. The evening was just perfect, cold and crispРwarm lights were striking across the sky; some having the appearance of angels. I raised my voice to my contentment  as my deepest thoughts and prayers were with all the poor souls who were making their way out of the bitter cold.

Today my sentiment remains the same. The cold weather forces me to think of the homeless and the underprivileged in my community. While I might not like winter, I will be dressing very warm to extend my help for a worthy cause.

#outofthecold #homelessness #metoo


Warm Glow of Lights

By jjf edited 2017

Glow night snow

glow lights over the hearts

warming in shelters

beaming over all who are

fortunate to be

tucked away from the tentacles

of winter: snow sprawls all over,

nipping at everything; as clouds linger in an

overcast of freezing

windchills that you wish not even your enemies

 be in this shivering bitter cold.

My prayer is that no person be found outside,

with hardly any vital signs; or no fire to cover the coldest

curdled hard to fight against winter’s elements

where the outside lights will not keep you warm

tears are useless in the cold, it freezes up

so on this biting, frosty night

it will be warmer with others; to share a fireplace, a kitchen, a bed

I beseech you find cover that will shield you

against the coldest needles which can pierce

even the warmest of spirits…

(c) 2015 jjf